Children’s Dentistry

When and why should I take my children to the dentist?

We all remember our first visit to the dentist and for some of us it’s been something that has created more anxiety and worry than others.

Don’t let that fear carry over to your children and prevent them from having a healthy mouth for life. Let them experience a pleasant and caring visit with the dentists at Hopkins Dental and you never know it may help you manage your fears.
Children’s teeth or baby teeth may seem like an unnecessary complication in early childhood as they are replaced eventually by adult teeth.

We see them differently; the mouth is an essential part of growth and development, it shapes your child’s face and allows them to thrive and grow, it plays an important part in speech development and can be an early indicator of medical conditions and growth issues.

Early childhood decay is a leading cause of pain and distress in young children in Australia, often made worse by developmental issues involved in the formation of the teeth themselves. It’s so much easier to prevent a problem than mange one and no one likes to see their child have unnecessary pain or treatment, especially if it could have been prevented in the first place.

Recognising the signs early and helping to establish sound oral health is much easier when learnt at a young age. Fussy eaters, high sugar diets and poor oral hygiene is hard enough to manage in the teenage years, let alone in the under-fives.
Let us help establish healthy dental patterns and manage the care for your child and provide you with the information to assist at home. We are happy to see your child at any age just for a walk around and visit – it’s all about familiarity and consistency.
These days we are lucky to have the Child Dental Benefits Scheme to help us help you. This is a scheme developed to work with Medicare and helps us provide services to children aged between 2 and 17 years of age. It does have eligibility requirements but it can help take the pressure off ensuring your child gets the best possible start in life.

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