Dental Implants

With the rapid advances in technology, replacing individual or multiple missing teeth has become an affordable and realistic option that can be performed by our highly trained Dental Surgeons on site or placed by our local oral maxillo-facial surgeons.

An Implant is an artificial version of a tooth root that is surgically placed in the jaw to support a false tooth or teeth. They mimic as closely as possible a natural tooth or teeth; by providing function, aesthetics, preventing adjacent tooth movement, further bone loss and obscuring unsightly spaces caused by the loss of a natural tooth.

They are designed to withstand greater biting forces, integrating into the natural jawbone preventing bone loss and collapse of the facial arches and soft tissues. Implants have a natural appearance that can be relied upon to function just like a normal tooth and most importantly give you the confidence to smile, speak and eat without fear of mishap.

Implants are done in 3 stages

Stage One - Insertion of the Implant under sterile surgical conditions. Minimum 3 months of healing and assessment of bone integration and models of implant.

Stage Two - Impressions or intraoral scan for final restorative crown.

Stage Three - Insertion of Crown and care instructions with 6 monthly reviews at routine check ups
It is never too late to ask whether an implant is possible for you.

Dentures & Implant Retained Dentures
Gradual deterioration of our teeth is an inevitable part of ageing – we are living longer lives and giving our teeth more work to do. Teeth typically become more brittle with age and can chip and crack more easily. Age-related deterioration is a common cause of the need for dentures.

Other possible causes include accidents, gum disease, serious wear to the teeth and serious tooth decay. Missing teeth often result in a poorly formed bite pattern (occlusion), altered appearance and speech.

A denture (also called a dental prosthesis) is a set of artificial teeth – few or many – together with a means of holding the artificial teeth in place.

Dentures, like teeth, require care, attention and cleaning and we will assist you in the process of becoming familiar with what’s involved in looking after your dentures.

An implant retained denture is a full denture that is stabilised in the mouth by 2 or more implants. Dentures rely on suction to stay in place and naturally loosen and move over time. Implant retained dentures are found to be more comfortable, stable and have better retention. The denture clicks into the implants by special abutments to hold it in its place.

All on 4

The term ‘all on 4’ refers to full mouth rehabilitation where all teeth are supported on 4 dental implants.


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